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History of Biology
The origin of the life
Diversity of the living beings
Theory of evolution
Animal histology
Blod tissue  



Methods of study of the cells and tissue.
Levels of organization of the alive beings
Determination of sex
Origin of the animals
Cellular Division
Histologic cut

Biology is an old science from the point of view of its beginnings but young from the point of view of the continuous discoveries. The complexity of the alive matter make clear with the discovery of the electron microscope has left and the study of different weaves from the alive being.

As science Biology appears in Greece, being Soft the first experimental fisiologo its study foundation basicamente in nerves and animal glasses, of equal way that the human anatomy with cadaveres of monkeys and pigs, did this thinking about a parallelism between these animals and the man, causing who appeared mistakes in their conclusions.

From the etimologic point of view Biology means study of the life, studying the forms that can adopt the alive beings, their structure, function, reproduction, growth, organization and relations with the means that surround them.

They are disciplines of Biology: the botany, study of the plants; Taxonomy, the classification of the alive beings; Zoology, study of the animals; Anatomy, study of the structure of the alive beings; Physiology, study of the operation of the alive being; Embryology, study of the development of the embryo; Genetics, Ecology, Evolution...

Cell nucleus

Nucleics acids

Practical Biology


Sexual reproduction

Embrionary development

Gene mutations
Cell specialization


Laboratory materials








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