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Historical evolution of the science of foods
Importance of the Bromatology
Food concept
Classification of foods
Importance of foods
Nutritional additives
Classification of nutritional additives
Quality of foods  
Texture of foods
Smell, taste and aroma
Foods texture modifiers
The water in foods
Conservation of foods





One is in charge of the study of foods and the nutritional matters as far as:

  • production
  • manipulation
  • elaboration
  • distribution
  • marketing

As well as the production of nutritional matters and its relation with the health.

Bate Smith: "body organized of knowledge on the chemical composition of foods" (to this definition him lack biological field), does not consider factors of quality like health nor either factors on treatment of foods.

Blandield:"coherent and systematized body of knowledge about the chemical composition, nature and conservation of foods"

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