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Historical evolution of the science of foods
Importance of the Bromatology
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Classification of foods
Importance of foods
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The water in foods
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Classification of foods


Healthy foods: in conditions for being ingested without creating problems

Adulterated foods: foods to which a substance has been added or them a chemical compound has been remove with intentions of fraud.

Falsified foods: prepared with the purpose of simulating another well-known in such a way that its chemical composition does not correspond with the one of this food

Altered foods: that whose chemical composition or its organoleptic characteristics has varied by physical processes, chemical or microbial, that can take place during their manufacture, conservation or transport.

Contaminated foods: they contain pathogenic germs or chemical substances able to cause disease or infection. These germs or pathogenic substances were not initially nor form with time but that must to the manipulation of foods, wrapper...

Injurious foods: they contain chemical substances that are injurious for the organism